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Timarie Hansenimage
Licensed Massage Practitioner    

Timarie has been a Massage Therapist for 15 years.  She has worked at an Eastside Chiropractors office for 7 years doing treatment work and specializes in helping people recover from motor vehicle accidents and from on the job injuries. She specializes in Deep Tissue Treatment Massage. She loves to see people recover from their pain and live a pain free life. She does custom massages ranging from Relaxation, Deep Tissue or some where in between, or Treatment massages after an Accident.

To schedule your next massage with Timarie, please call 206.818.9162 or schedule online.


Karla Miller, LMPimage

Licensed Massage Practitioner 

Karla received her training at Northwest School of Massage.  She specializes in therapeutic massage, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial Release therapy. She is gentle, yet can really work the muscles deeply without creating unnecessary pain.  She is also a Reiki master and does Craniosacral therapy.  She loves the combination of helping people physically with their soft tissue and muscles as well as helping them heal their energy and spirit.


To schedule your next appointment with Karla, please call 206-643-8345 or schedule online.



Jayme Williams


Jayme is an esthetician that has specialized in Waxing.  She is known for her Brazilan waxes, but she does do the whole body from head to toe.  Jayme will remove unwanted hair safely.  She takes great care to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible.  There are many benefits to waxing versus other forms of hair removal.  It is a long lasting method to remove large amounts of hair at one time.  As waxing is performed over time, hair growth is diminished.  She will carefully prepare the skin leaving it conditioned, smooth and soft. 

To schedule your next waxing with Jayme, click here schedule online.


Karen Hoffman

Licensed Massage Practitioner                                                            image

Karen has been a Massage Therapist for 4 years.  She received her training at NW School of Massage.  Her specialties are: Relaxation, Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy and Deep Tissue massage. Her massage makes those muscles you just discovered, relax and refill with rich new oxygen and elasticity! You will reap the benefits of your new workout regimen triple fold by adding a weekly massage to your appointment calendar.

December 2013

 My friends and valued clients,

It is with great sadness that I must continue my leave of absence. I had hoped to be able to return to my practice, but unfortunately that just isn’t possible.

Anyone that waited until February to redeem their packages is still eligible to do so by appointment (if you have already done so, you will be getting your reminder through Genbook). Please call, text or email me if you have any questions or need to make an appointment. I will honor these through the month of March; however I will not be able to book any new packages.

I am delighted to hear that some of you have been working with my associates Timarie Hansen (206-818-9162) and Karla Miller (206-643-8345). And I hope that others will also try their expertise as I know you will be completely satisfied with their work. You can also go online to book with them.

This decision has been so difficult. I love my work and you have all made that possible. Thank you so much for your trust, devotion and understanding. I hope we can continue to keep in touch. I wish you all great health and happiness.

Very truly yours,

Karen Hoffman, LMP

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